Grimsby Cleethorpes & District Pool League
sponsored by Cue World


The next captains meeting will be held at the New Standard Club, Freshney Drive, Grimsby.
on Monday 8th September 2014 starting at 8pm, to hand out fixture book etc.
Result Sheets and next seasons registration forms can be downloaded from the download page

Rules clarification:
You have to nominate if you pot any balls (Except black and/or white) on YOUR break.
If no balls are potted they play continues alternating turns until one is potted and that will denote your colour.
If a player pots one of each colour after several visits then he MUST nominate.

After a foul break the incoming player has 2 visits, the first shot is a FREE ball.
On the 2nd shot of the 1st visit, it is an open table and remains that way until a colour is potted whether that be the 2nd shot or 2nd visit.
If no balls are potted on either of those 2 shots then the next player returns to an OPEN table.
There is NO need to nominate UNLESS it is on the break or potting 1 of each colour during an open table.
Playing from baulk "D"
when playing from the "D" the centre of the cue ball must be within or on the line, playing outside even if part of cue ball is over the line is a foul.
Deliberate Foul.
some people are under the impression that playing a deliberate foul during a match, is permitted, this is not so.
if a player makes no attempt to play a ball on, this is a deliberate foul and loses frame as "Rule 7 (d)

An official 8-Ball clearance is potting all YOUR own colour plus the black in one visit,
should this be after a foul then it MUST be on the first visit, clearing a pocket to allow this makes it VOID.
An 8-Ball can be achieved at anytime during the frame, not just on the break off.