Grimsby Cleethorpes & District Pool League
sponsored by Cue World

The next captains meeting is on Monday 6th October at the New Standard Club commencing 8.00pm.
Just a reminder to all that were at the meeting last night, and anybody unable to attend, the break off rule was ammended,as follows
the home team is to flip a coin for the break off, the player winning the toss to choose who breaks first,
then it will be alternate breaks each team taking turns so each side will have 6 breaks that evening,
(with team knockouts the rule to apply up to a 6-6 tie whereas the visiting team will flip a coin for break in the 13th frame.
Please note: entries to all knockouts must be in by the October meeting, late entries will NOT be accepted
Rule Book changes: Wedneday Division One No2 is now Honest Lawyer and No8 is Hainton Badgers
Tuesday Division Two: Dukes of Hazard have moved to play from Birds Eye and have transfered to replace
No12 The Sizzlers who have withdrawn from the league, making No11 Wednesday Division One a Bye
Tuesday Division Three: No3 Cunning Stunts have moved and are now Waltham Legionairs B
Results Sheets, Regisration Forms and Knockout Forms can now be downloaded from the Download page